The information on this website will provide you with a better understanding of how our program operates and what the expectations are for students that choose to participate in the “Patriot Battalion” curriculum. The JROTC program dates back to the passage of the 1916 National Defense Act and PGHS JROTC was established in 2008 when PGHS split from Eastern Randolph.  Due to honor, tradition, and legacy, this program sets high standards. PGHS “Patriot Battalion” earned the honor of bearing the highest JROTC unit award of "Honor Unit with Distinction" due to the dedicated performance of our cadets.

PGHS “Patriot Battalion” JROTC mission is fundamentally "To motivate young people to become better citizens" and our instructors use multiple techniques ranging from academics in a classroom environment to actual application at events to impart skills and leadership experience to the cadets.  This program fosters self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, and pride in accomplishment. We expect our cadets to be of the highest moral character, uphold standards, and strive to be the best possible citizen they can be. The JROTC program does not require or steer students towards military service, though it does open opportunities for cadets looking to pursue a military career.

Please note that the JROTC program includes considerable physical and mental activity.   In addition to the academic requirements, there are many hours devoted to the practice of drill and ceremony, proper wear of the military uniform, physical fitness and many more training and strengthening opportunities.  We require cadets to attend and participate in local parades, special events that sometimes occur after school or Saturdays, as well as Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades.

Program expectations include:  that Cadets will abide by the rules and regulations of the JROTC Department and PGHS; that Cadets accept the additional responsibilities of membership and leadership in this exceptional organization; that failure to follow the rules and regulations of this program or PGHS may result in demotion in rank, removal from leadership positions, and possible drop entirely from the program.  

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