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PG Cadet JCLC Rappel
PG Cadet JCLC Rappel

WELCOME PROVIDENCE GROVE CADETS!  - where the standards are high and our expectations are even higher! The information in this website will provide you with a better understanding of how our program operates and what the expectations are for all students that choose to participate. The “Patriot Battalion” is a successful JROTC unit. The origins of this program date back to General Order # 18, Headquarters, Department of the Army, dated 25 May,1983 - PG Army JROTC was established in 2008.  The high standards of our program, combined with the dedicated performance of our cadets, has earned the honor of bearing the highest award in JROTC– "Honor Unit with Distinction." The mission of our program is "To motivate young people to become better citizens." We do this by using sound teaching skills and leadership experience to teach self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, and pride in a job well done. We have high standards for this popular elective class and we expect the best from our cadets. It is important for students to understand that there is considerable physical and mental activity in JROTC. In addition to the academic requirements, there are many hours devoted to the practice of drill and ceremony, proper wear of the military uniform, and much more. We also require cadets to attend parades and special events sometimes after school, on Saturdays, as well as Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. We feel the extra effort is worth it and that is why our cadets demonstrate such high levels of achievement, leadership, and teamwork. It is expected that each Cadet agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the JROTC Department and accepts the additional responsibilities of membership in this exceptional organization. As a reminder, there is no military obligation for any JROTC Cadet, nor is there any cost for books or uniforms.  We feel that JROTC is one of the best classes any student can take at Providence Grove High School. We pledge to do everything we can to support your efforts to grow and learn as a JROTC cadet.  JROTC instructors can be contacted by phone at (336) 685-0728 about any questions concerning your student’s progress or status in the program. We look forward to another successful year for the PGHS Army JROTC program and we thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and great support!